The Messy Housewife

"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris

Let’s Talk Non-Toxic Skin Care!

Skin. It's the body's largest organ and makes up for 16 percent of our body weight! I'm really excited to share with you how I practice non-toxic skin care and how easy it can be.   Before we dive in, lets... Continue Reading →

My Top Five Essential Oils And What I Use Them For.

"I have an oil for that." Essential oils are everywhere today. I have to chuckle because when I started using oils years ago, they weren't the trend that they seem to have become today. When I started getting into essential oils... Continue Reading →

Handling Advice, Comparison and Criticism As A New (or not so new) Mama.

"I wouldn't be letting him fall asleep with a soother if I were you. That creates bad habits." "You should give her a soother so he'll sleep better. It's the only way my baby slept well." "Have you had this... Continue Reading →

Dealing With Postpartum Body Image.

Body image. What do you feel when you read those words? Chances are you feel something. If you're anything like me you feel confused, sometimes frustrated and tired. Body image alone, apart from any life altering event ,is a huge topic for... Continue Reading →

Can You Afford To Have Children?

  Babies. Dollar signs? Cha ching cha ching? Does $41,603 per year sound about right when it comes to the cost of raising a child? This number comes from which based their final numbers on things like childcare, transportation,... Continue Reading →

My Journey With Post Partum Anxiety.

7 hours of active labour, 45 minutes of pushing, no medication and one beautiful baby boy later-I was a mama. I don't remember much right after he came out. I know that one of my midwives plopped him on my... Continue Reading →

How We’ve Learned To Live In 600 Square Feet and Tips for Small Space Living.

Cozy. That's how I would describe where live. You can't get much cozier than two adults, two cats and a baby in 600 square feet. We live in a 600 square foot basement apartment of a modest, brick home. We have... Continue Reading →

Getting Baby On a Schedule, More Sleep Tips and How To Survive Without Losing Your Mind!

"I'm never going to sleep again."  This was a constant thought in my mind during the first 5 weeks of my son's life. While it was far from the truth, it was a very real thought and feeling that I... Continue Reading →

Tips On Sleep Training and How It Benefited Our Family.

In the early days of my son's life, when he was around 6 weeks old, I was seriously sleep deprived. When I say sleep deprived, I mean that on a good day I would get 2-3 consecutive hours of sleep.... Continue Reading →

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