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My Journey Into Cloth Diapering: Diaper Styles, Inserts, Fit and Brands.

Currently on my living room floor is a pile of clean cloth diapers, covers and inserts. They’ve been clean for 3 days………

Anyways. Let us jump right into the different types of cloth diapers and how they work. I’m not an expert and I haven’t used every kind out there. I’m still learning but I have found what I like and don’t like. Let’s start with the basics. Liners are what are inserted into cloth diapers. There are many different kinds of liners but the most common is microfiber. This can’t be directly against baby’s skin because it will cause irritation and/or rash. Microfiber will always be stuffed inside a pocket diaper. I currently have in order from left to right in the photo below:Charcoal, Microfiber and Bamboo. image-111.jpg

Excluding pre-folds (think really old school cloth diapers that many use as burp cloths) cloth diapers today use a snap or velcro system. Or a hybrid snap/velcro system. You can see in the photo on the left that first row of snaps will snap into the ones below to size down. This diaper would also have side velcro tabs. The diaper on the right is all snaps.



All-In-Two’s: These are exactly what they say. The liner is sewn into the cover. There is the option of stuffing an extra liner for max absorbance but I find the AI2’s that I have don’t need this. They have great absorbance!


Pocket diapers are probably the most commonly used type of cloth diaper. I don’t really know why except maybe because they are fairly affordable? I have the most of this kind. You can see the little pocket where you would stuff the liner. You can double up but I’ve found this can cause leaks in the leg area because of gaping. Boys will always leak near the belly button where I’ve heard that girls tend to have more back leaks. Just think anatomy and where the majority of pee is going. I will say I’ve never had a back blowout with poop, only in the leg area because double stuffing causing gaping.


Lastly are covers which I find have the least if any leaks. It takes practice with these because they are not pockets. So, you kinda have to finagle that liner into the cover while you are also putting it on baby or the liner will just fall out. Make sense? You can not use microfiber inserts with these because the liner would go directly against baby’s skin. I use Charcoal or Bamboo.


That’s it as far as the types of cloth I have used. Almost all the diapers I have in my possession are able to grow with baby. I do experience leaks and I try to change baby boy every 2 to 2.5 hours. I know for those 100% committed to cloth diapering have hacks for getting their babies through the night but I’ve found that my little guy does not like the feeling of being wet in cloth (which is said to be why children tend to toilet train faster when in cloth). He’d stay in a disposable ALL day and night. To get a good night’s sleep we stick with disposables.

I did not purchase any of my diapers brand new. I saw way too many adds online where moms plunked down $500 or more on a bundle of brand new cloth diapers only to find they didn’t like it. They were trying to sell off said diapers but I think most took a loss money-wise. I couldn’t justify spending that amount of money only to find out I didn’t like something. Also-I don’t have that kind of money to spend. All together including diapers, liners, diaper sprayer, and wet bags I have spent around $180. The great thing about buying used is you get the chance to try many different brands and styles without breaking the bank. I will mention that if you buy used make sure you strip your diapers before using them on your baby. This is a process I will share on another time.


The brands I currently have in my possession are Alva Baby, Bummis, Hip Huggers, Happy Flute, Preston’s Pants (esty and not selling anymore right now), Jamtots, Kawaii Baby and AppleCheeks. I have found Alva Baby AI2’s (the insert is sewn in and you can stuff in an extra) and Kawaii Baby pockets to be the most absorbent for me. Hipper Huggers is great for double gussets.  I also love Alva Baby’s velcro style as it’s very easy to use. Giggle Life is a Canadian brand that I would recommend if you are wanting to buy all new. They are the most affordable that I’ve seen. They offer excellent packages with so many options. While I’ve never personally used their products they do have great reviews. The most important thing is to do your own research on styles, inserts, fit and brands.

Don’t forget to check out my intro in to cloth diapering and the post on my set up!

What are you favourite brands and styles of cloth diapers? Share in the comments below what you love! I can’t wait to hear from you =)

This contains some affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of those links I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you.  As much as possible I try to recommend products/brands I’ve used and love or the closest alternative. If all this bothers you feel free not to use the link. Thank you for the support!



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