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My Journey Into Cloth Diapering: The Setup.

This is my favourite part to share with you about cloth diapering. MY SETUP! WOOHOO!!

Set up is one of the most important parts of cloth diapering. If you don’t have a good setup you may find that the whole process overwhelms you easily.

This took me awhile to figure out. I’ve rearranged baby boy’s room about 10 times. Seriously. Originally we had a very basic change table but I found it was a waste of space. A month ago we moved this Ikea Kallax into the nursery because it was functional as storage and a change table. We had been using it in our living room as a TV stand and bookcase so we did not have to purchase it. The only things I did purchase for it were the black storage bins and baskets. I scored those baskets on sale at Target while I was in Erie a few weeks ago. It’s hard to tell but I do have a small lamp behind that picture frame. It’s nice to have soft light at night or before naps.


  1. Cloth Diapers (I will share a photo of what is in the bins)
  2. More Cloth diapers!
  3. Disposable and reusable wipes with homemade wipe solution. (witch hazel, water, baby shampoo, grape seed extract oil, tea tree and lavender essential oils)
  4. Disposable diapers, my DIY baby powder (arrowroot, bentonite clay and EO’s) cocoa butter lotion, baby grooming essentials, other toiletries.
  5. I cleaned out a mini compost bin we weren’t using and lined it with a garbage bag-this is for disposable diapers and wipes.
  6. Extra diaper inserts and liners

diaperdrawer wipesgarbage

As you can see above, #2 is one of the bins with cloth diapers. If all my diapers are clean both bins can hold 4 rows each. I don’t know how much that is off the top of my head but it’s a lot! I pre-stuff my pocket diapers after I launder them to save myself time and storage space. I wanted to show an up close look at #5-where we throw the gross stuff!

I usually put poop diapers on the floor while I finish changing baby boy and put him in a safe location. I make sure there is no poo that will get on the floor from the diaper. Then I’ll take it to the bathroom to wash it-more on that part in a moment.

wetbag     This 2 part laundry basket works well for us. I put dirty clothes in the white bag and while it’s hard to see, there is a wet bag fastened inside the blue laundry bag in the back. This is where I put pee diapers until it’s time for washing. Does it smell, you ask? Yes. It smells. I shake in a mixture of baking soda and essential oils to keep things somewhat fresh. I’ve gotten used to the smell of pee cloth diapers. You kinda have to-it’s going to smell at some point.


bidet Whoa we skipped all the way to 10? Well there is no 8 and I switched 9 and 10. Oops! Hope you aren’t too confused! Anyways, this is a bidet or cloth diaper sprayer. We purchased our sprayer on Amazon for under $50. It was ok as far as installation-the husband wrestled with it for a bit. But it works great! I bring the poop diaper in, open up the toilet (both lid and seat) at this point I have gloves on, I hold the diaper in the toilet and use the bidet to spray all the gross off. Be aware-this sprayer is STRONG. It has great water pressure and yes, I’ve had sprayback hit me. There is a tab at the back (behind that tag) where the bidet connects to the toilet. You have to push this up to have water and make sure you push it back down, when you are done. Or you will have water sitting in the hose of the sprayer which can eventually lead to damage.


After this the now soaking wet diaper goes into this guy right here. Sometimes I ring out the wet diaper, sometimes my lazy butt plops it right into the pail. Close that lid! It’s never smelled in my bathroom. It’s not necessarily an attractive setup with the bucket in my bathroom. I’m not too worried about how it looks but thats just me! *I never put anything but water into the bucket. You never want to soak your diapers in a solution before washing unless you are doing an all out stripping and that is a completely different process I may post on one day. The RARE times I use bleach is to disinfect this bucket and the garbage bin in the other picture.


Well. There you have it. You might be thinking this is a lot of work. Honestly, it’s not. Trust me in this. Once you have a good system, it becomes second nature. It’s totally doable! No one dislikes pre-cleaning poop diapers in our home more than my husband but once he started doing it, he found it wasn’t that bad. When it’s time do the washing, the wet bag and bucket make it so easy to transfer to the washing machine. I hope you’ve found this information helpful. Do you cloth diaper? What ways have you found to make the process easier and more functional? What are some things you’ve learned on your cloth diapering journey? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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