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10 Frugal Valentine Date Ideas

Today I’m going to share 10 Frugal Valentine Date Ideas. Maybe you are searching for Valentine Ideas For her or Romantic Valentine Date Ideas or just Valentine’s ideas. Maybe you already have an elaborate, expensive date night planned for your someone special! But whatever your relationship status, you can do any of these dates! Grab some friends and celebrate or maybe you have little ones at home, some of these (#9) would be so fun to do with kids!

  1. Enjoy A Home Cooked Meal Together: This is probably the easiest and most frugal way to celebrate something special together! As long as you don’t buy the most expensive steak in the grocery store and the best bottle of wine. You can make a great meal without spending a ton of money. With websites like Pinterest available to us, today, it’s super easy to find an affordable but delicious meal to whip up. Head over to Pinterest to get some ideas right now and while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the BEST tool for Pinterest (and Instagram) ever created, Tailwind. It’s a program that helps you organize your pins and then according to the schedule you set, it automatically pins or posts everything for you. A must have tool for anyone wanting to grow their website traffic. I’ll be sharing more on Tailwind another time!
  2. Go Out For Appetizers Only: This is a great way to still go out but not spend a lot. Many restaurants have specials, such as buy one appetizer get the 2nd half price. Or maybe buy one appetizer and a get a deal on drinks! Check out who is offering what, locally. You’d be surprised! pexels-photo-696218.jpeg
  3. Coupons! We get coupons to many of our favourite restaurants in the mail, quite often. It’s similar to #2 with getting a deal if you buy something. Some places offer deals such as buy two entrees get an appetizer free.
  4. Go Out for Dessert Only: Dessert on Valentine’s! Something sweet with your sweetheart! I know, I’m cheesy. But this is another great way to have a special treat that won’t cost you a lot. Obviously it depends on where you go and if you choose a really expensive restaurant, their dessert may be pricier. But then it’s a nice way to enjoy fine dining without paying for an entire dinner.
  5. Grab your favourite hot drink and go for a walk with your sweetie around your favourite local park. I say hot drink because where I live, it’s the dead of winter right now. I love where we live because we have some beautiful parks that the city takes great care of, even through the winter. If you live near the beach, get your favourite drink and go for a walk on the beach

6. Make your pexels-photo-803034own charcuterie board and enjoy it with your favourite bottle of wine with some romantic candles lit, at home! Charcuterie boards are so much fun and so yummy! I recently had my first experience with one, when I went out with some girl friends for a wine night. Pinterest has some fantastic ideas on how to create your own.

7. Order pizza and curl up on the couch with your favourite sappy, chick flick. This would probably be the only night of the year I could convince my husband to watch a girly movie with me. We are usually watching hockey 100% of the time, this time of year. But hey I’m ok with hockey over all the mainstream junk on tv these days, seriously! Anyways, pizza and movie night, in?! Yes please

8. Restaurant or movie gift cards! We love getting these as gifts! We will get at least 1 or 2 a year from family members and we stash them away for dates. Ask for them as gifts for your birthday or christmas and then save them for later!

9. Fondue! Cheese or chocolate?! Or maybe both! When we received our firstchocolate-2224998_640.jpg crock pot (it broke sadly) as a wedding gift, it came with a mini crockpot for fondue and dips. It’s so fun! Even if you don’t have a mini crock pot, just put an oven safe bowl over a small pot of water on the stove and melt your chocolate (or cheese) this way. Fruits, veggies, crackers and bread aren’t very pricey in the grocery store. For my bachelorette here in Canada, my girls did fondue and it was amazing. A little secret I learned from one of the girls (Hey Melina!) was to put some coconut oil in with the chocolate chips while melting. This made the chocolate much smoother with that yummy taste of coconut added to it!

10. Check out what your local community center is offering on Valentine’s! You never know, there might be a free movie showing, a fun bingo night (yes I am 80 years old), and more! We have some amazing community centers around us that offer so much, for free.heart-love-romance-valentine.jpg

Maybe you are thinking it’s too late to make plans now because many places require reservations. Try one of my ideas that doesn’t require going to a restaurant. But now you have some ideas for next year too! Maybe you’re thinking you need a babysitter and that is expensive. Maybe you have friends with kids where you could trade babysitting. You babysit their kids one night for free and they babysit for you the next time! There are so many more great ideas of how to have a great Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have wonderful Valentine’s celebrating the ones you love. I hope you eat chocolate, drink wine and feel loved. What are some things you’ve done for Valentine’s that wasn’t expensive but you had a great time? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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