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My Top Five Essential Oils And What I Use Them For.

“I have an oil for that.”

Essential oils are everywhere today. I have to chuckle because when I started using oils years ago, they weren’t the trend that they seem to have become today. When I started getting into essential oils all I could think was that I didn’t want to be the weird, hippie chick who didn’t bathe but smelled like patchouli all the time. NOW I love being the weird, hippie chick who often smells like oils. ALL THE OILS!

I personally think it’s great that essential oils have become such a trend because they are absolutely wonderful when used properly and with the right knowledge. That being said caution needs to be heeded when using essential oils.


There are also a lot of articles out there that will try to scare you from using essential oils. Research. The average person can use essential oils without formal training if common sense is practiced. Dilution is very important when it comes to using these oils. I don’t currently advocate for any specific brand of oils. Many experts will recommend very specific oils for babies and children under the age of two. Some people will even advocate that you buy oils already diluted specifically for use on or around children. I am comfortable and careful enough in my usage of oils that I feel confident when I use them on and around my son. That being said, please don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. I can’t stress that enough!

Disclaimer: I am not a certified Aromatherapist nor do I sell essential oils. My experience with oils has been based solely on personal research as well as trial and error. While I am planning to obtain my Aromatherapist certification at some point, please do not take anything on my blog as certified medical advice. If you use oils based on my posts, you do so at your own risk and I’m not responsible for any injury resulting from improper use.

There is an essential oil for literally everything. That is not an exaggeration. I want to share today my top five oils that I reach for, sometimes on a daily basis and what or how I use them. I have never used my oils undiluted. That means I use a carrier oil, body butter, water, or witch hazel and add however many drops of oil I need.

  • Lavender (lavindula officinalis): I would call Lavender the workhorse of essential oils. It’s probably the most versatile of essential oils. It’s known for its relaxing properties, as well as antiseptic. I diffuse Lavender in my son’s humidifier to help him sleep and when any of us are getting sick. I also use it for minor scrapes, cuts and burns. When allergy season hits, I whip up a blend of lavender and lemon to help with my hay fever intolerance. Lavender is also fantastic for breathing in when nauseated. I also put it in my nourishing face oil blend as it’s great for hydrating dry skin.sage-1540271_640
  • Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia): If Lavender is the workhorse of essential oils, I would say Tea Tree is its partner, like a team of workhorses! The number one property of this oil is it’s anti fungal abilities. It’s incredible! Tea Tree has actually been used to treat serious staph infections like MRSA. Bacteria has the ability to mutate and become resistant to the antibiotics so often prescribed for infections. Bacteria reacts quite differently when treated with Tea Tree Oil. Great article here.  TTO is handy for things like ringworm and toenail fungal infections! I use TTO for cuts and scrapes. I diffuse with Lavender when my son has a slight fever or cold. I’ve added a few drops to my shampoo for dandruff. I’ve even added a drop on my toothbrush to fight plaque buildup. When I battle mastitis three TIMES while trying to breastfeed, I would take hot baths with lavender and TTO. I also use this in my baby bum cream. It’s fantastic for yeast related diaper rash as it’s anti fungal.
  • Lemon (citrus limon): Who doesn’t love the fresh scent of lemon? As a kid, I remember my mom throwing a lemon in the garbage disposal to kill the smell of decaying food. It’s also antiseptic so it’s great to use as an astringent for the skin. Take note that lemon is a photosensitive oil which means when it’s used on the skin, the skin will be more sensitive to UV rays. Basically, you could seriously burn your skin if you slather on something with Lemon oil in it and then go out in the sun. Use caution! Cover your skin if you’re using a citrus oil and planning to be in the sun. I essential-oils-1301164_640use Lemon in my natural cleaning products since it’s antiseptic and gives such a great smell! Lemon is also known to help uplift mood. I’ll diffuse it with orange or bergamot when I’m in the worst of my morning sickness and it helps with my mood as well as nausea. High in Vitamin C, Lemon can boost the immune system. As I mentioned earlier, I also use lemon with lavender during allergy season for great relief! The coolest thing I’ve used it for is to remove stickers and sticker residue from bottles and containers! AMAZING. It’s  a great glass/window cleaner when combined with vinegar.
  • Peppermint (mentha piperita) is a great oil that some say is just as versatile as Lavender! Known for its cooling and calming properties, peppermint has a variety of uses. It’s antimicrobial meaning it can help bad breath and sooth digestive issues. I’ve used peppermint (diluted) for sunburns, many times. One summer my husband burned the tops of his feet so badly, he could barely walk. I had him soak his feet in an ice bath of lavender, peppermint and epsom salts. He said the relief was incredible as well as speeding up the recovery of his damaged skin. I make a salve of aloe vera and peppermint to rub on minor sunburns. I have a rollerball of diluted peppermint that I rub on my belly when I have stomach pains and nausea. I also inhale peppermint or rub onto my temples for headache relief.
  • Frankincense (boswellia carter): is one of the more pricey oils on the market. I’ve only ever used a diluted version of Frankincense though I’ve seen great results with it! Known for its astringent, antiseptic and disinfectant properties, it’s a very versatile oil. I diffuse Frankincense to boost our immune systems during flu season. I use it in a blend with my nourishing face oil as Frankincense has anti-aging properties. It also speeds up the healing of the skin so it’s great for minor cuts and scrapes. Frankincense was said to be used in ancient times for burials because it helped in delaying the decaying of the body. essential-oils-2385072_640


Some of my favourite carrier oils would be:

  • Grapeseed Oil-Great for use on the skin as it’s light, contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Sweet Almond Oil-Also great for the skin as it’s light, contains vitamins and is very nourishing for the skin.
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil-This form of coconut oil is the kind that doesn’t solidify. I love it and have found it to be a fantastic carrier oil.


I had to think really hard about what oils I reach for the most, these days. It was difficult! I love essential oils and they’ve really impacted the way I approach health and wellness. Oils are an investment and it’s taken me years to build the supply that I have. If you are new to essential oils, these five are a great place to start. I would also recommend getting some books or reading some articles on oils for beginners. I hope you come to love oils if you don’t already and if you are a frequent user, maybe you found some new ideas of how to use your oils. What are some of your favourite oils and what do you use them for? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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